Edited by Neville Agnew; 1997

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This volume of symposium proceedings marks the culmination of the first phase of the GCI's collaborative project with the State Bureau of Cultural Relics of the People's Republic of China and the Dunhuang Academy. The book also represents the first conference to bring together Chinese and Western scholars on the subject of grotto conservation. Various approaches to site management are discussed, along with conservation principles and practice and geotechnical and environmental issues. Individual articles address visitors' impact on the microenvironment of caves, nondestructive techniques for analyzing local stone and pigment, methods of protecting caves from ongoing environmental damage, research on ancient materials and techniques, and analyses of stone sculpture. More than 40 articles are included, many translated from Chinese.

Introduction to Site Management and Conservation in China
Pages i-27. (44pp., 1.7MB)
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Site Management and Tourism to Cultural Sites
Pages 28-81. (54pp., 1.9MB)
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Engineering and Site Protection Techniques and Applications
Pages 147-258. (112pp., 5.1MB)
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Environmental and Microclimate Monitoring
Pages 259-313. (55pp., 4.6MB)
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Applications of Scientific Analysis and Examination to Chinese Sites, Part I
Pages 314-347. (34pp., 3.9MB)
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Applications of Scientific Analysis and Examination to Chinese Sites, Part II
Pages 348-394. (47pp., 4.7MB)
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Contributors and Illustration Credits
Pages 395-404. (11pp., 876KB)
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