The GCI's Earthen Architecture Initiative (EAI) aims to further the conservation of earthen architecture through international activities focusing on training, research, planning and implementation, and advocacy.

To expand the range of didactic resources available to educators working in this area, the EAI is making available a set of teaching guidelines originally developed by the GCI and its partners for the Pan-American courses on the Conservation and Management of Earthen Architectural and Archaeological Heritage (PAT96 and PAT99).

Material Analysis Teaching Guidelines
     Earth as Building Material (PDF, 10pp., 311KB)
     In Situ and Laboratory Material Characterization (PDF, 11pp., 369KB)
     Earthen Construction Techniques (PDF, 14pp., 684KB)

Condition Assessment Teaching Guidelines
     Documentation (PDF, 8pp., 176KB)
     Material and Building Pathology (PDF, 21pp, 745KB)
     Condition Assessment (PDF, 6pp., 152KB)

Physical Strategies Teaching Guidelines
     Nonstructural Interventions, Nonfabric Interventions (PDF, 16pp., 561KB)
     Nonstructural Interventions, Fabric Interventions (PDF, 11pp., 459KB)
     Structural Analysis and Interventions (PDF, 6pp., 205KB)