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AATA Online is a free research database containing abstracts of literature related to the preservation and conservation of material cultural heritage. It has been managed and published by the Getty since 1983. AATA Online contains over 148,000 records and adds approximately 4,000 new records each year through regular updates.

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Read more about the history and development of AATA Online in this blog post on the Getty Iris.

AATA Online Features

What you will find:

abstracts from more than 180 journals and conference proceedings from the conservation field’s essential literature (see the list)

abstracts from hundreds of other publications from heritage conservation and allied fields covering literature from antiquity to the present

abstracts categorized by discipline, technique, and materials (see the categories)

international coverage: publications from North and South America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia

subject-specific bibliographies developed for the Conservation Institute’s work

What you can do:

advanced searching

link to select full-text resources

generate citations

export records

share records via email

save records and search history by session

AATA Online does not

provide full texts or document delivery services for the publications abstracted

AATA Online People


Lynda Bunting, Managing Editor
Karen Karyadi, Assistant Editor
Amy Iwasaki, Library Assistant I
Cameron Trowbridge, Manager, Research Services

Contact: aata@getty.edu

Field Editors

AATA Online's field editors review abstracts, in their field of expertise, for technical language and relevance prior to publication. Current field editors (as of July 2021):

Thomas Chase, United States, since 1976

Marie-Claude Corbeil, Analytical Research Laboratory, Canadian Conservation Institute (retired), Canada, since 2004

Brian Egloff, Centre for Creative and Cultural Research, University of Canberra, Australia, since 2006

Robin Hanson, Cleveland Museum of Art, United States, since 2016

Françoise Hanssen-Bauer, Nasjonalmuseet for kunst, arkitektur og design (retired), Norway, since 2003

Joyce Hill Stoner, University of Delaware Program in Art Conservation, Winterthur Museum, United States, since 1986 (Managing Editor, 1969-86)

Lara Kaplan, University of Delaware Program in Art Conservation, Winterthur Museum, United States, since 2021

Marieka Kaye, University of Michigan Library, United States, since 2016

Priya Jain, Texas A&M University, United States, since 2018

Bertrand Lavédrine, Centre de recherches sur la conservation des collections, Museum national d'Histoire naturelle, France, since 2004

Ruth E. Norton, Field Museum (retired), United States, since 2004

Alice Paterakis, United States, since 2005

Lucia Toniolo, Dipartimento di Chimica, Politecnico di Milano, Italy, since 2019

David Woodcock, Texas A&M University (emeritus), United States, since 2008


While the Getty Conservation Institute is responsible for the publishing of AATA Online, we welcome the work of volunteer abstractors whose contributions supplement that of the AATA Online staff.

Learn how you can become a volunteer abstractor.

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