As part of its long-term interest in the preservation of mosaics in situ, the Getty Conservation Institute, working with the Cyprus Department of Antiquities, undertook the conservation of the Orpheus Mosaic, one of several mosaics located in the archaeological zone at Paphos. The mosaic is part of the remains of a Roman villa that dates back to the late second or early third century.

The project involved detaching the mosaic using a rolling technique (the mosaic was in need of a new support), cleaning the back of the mosaic, applying a new mortar bed, and reinstalling the mosaic at its original site. Other aspects of the project included formal training in mosaics conservation, environmental monitoring, analyzing the mosaic's tesserae, and constructing a hexashelter to protect the mosaic.

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Stanley Price, Nicholas, ed., The Conservation of the Orpheus Mosaic at Paphos, Cyprus. Los Angeles: The Getty Conservation Institute, 1991. (PDF, 88pp., 9.5MB)

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