Evaluation of the Trackway Condition 2011

In response to a Presidential decision (made in 2008) to open the hominid trackway at Site G permanently to public visitation, the Tanzanian Department of Antiquities organized a partial re-excavation of 3.50m of the southern sector of the trackway for assessment. This took place in February 2011. The GCI was requested to participate, along with a team including specialists from Tanzania, the US, Korea, South Africa, and Spain and a representative from ICCROM.

GCI staff members Neville Agnew and Martha Demas, who led the 1990s conservation project, participated in the February 2011 partial re-excavation in order to examine the condition of the exposed tracks and check the efficacy of the various technical strategies that had been put in place to preserve the trackway; and to offer a measured approach to construction of a museum over the tracks by pointing to the risks and challenges to sustainability of such an undertaking.

For details of the 2011 evaluation see Report on the Partial Re-excavation of the Laetoli Hominid Trackway, Site G