2007 (ARIS07)

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From September 12 to October 12, 2007, ICCROM and the Getty Conservation Institute conducted their jointly organized course Architectural Records, Inventories, and Information Systems for Conservation (ARIS07).

Sixteen midcareer conservation professionals and educators, from sixteen different countries, participated. Countries represented included Azerbaijan, Barbados, Brazil, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Egypt, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Japan, Lithuania, Nigeria, Pakistan, Serbia, Tanzania, and the United States.

ARIS07, focused on understanding emerging technologies as there were many advances in hardware and software since the 2005 ARIS course, as well as, a continued need to better manage, improve, and organize data.

During the course it became apparent that more than ever, conservation professionals are information professionals and that data not retrieved easily is useless.

Conservation image

Among the other topics covered included in 2007 were advanced digital imaging and lighting, thermal imaging, photogrammetry, laser scanning, geographic information systems (GIS), and dissemination tools.

Conservators were closely involved with the course as well, exploring with participants the ways resulting documentation-based material can be incorporated into the conservation process.

The course was held at ICCROM, and fieldwork was conducted at the nearby church of Santa Cecilia. The course participants recorded and documented wall paintings, sculptural tombs, and vaults.

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