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The Conservation Assessment: A Proposed Model for Evaluating Museum Environmental Management Needs (39pp., 104KB, PDF) is a set of guidelines developed by the GCI for undertaking an evaluation of the environment of museum collections and their buildings. The present guidelines are the result of ideas and experience gathered over the course of the eight years since the GCI and the National Institute for Conservation (NIC) published its precedent The Conservation Assessment: A Tool for Planning, Implementing, and Fundraising. They have been used in several GCI field and education projects.

The Conservation Assessment may be revised periodically either by the GCI or another institution. We believe this assessment model is one that must evolve as museums, and the functions that reside within them, also evolve.

A Spanish version, Evaluación Para la Conservación: Modelo Propuesto Para Evaluar las Necesidades de Control del Entorno Museístico (40pp., 150KB, PDF) is also available.

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