The GCI engaged in a number of educational activities that aimed to advance the preservation of photographs and photograph collections in underserved areas around the world through workshops, mentoring, strengthening professional networks, and broadly diffusing information on the care of photographs.


In all regions of the world, photographs are an important part of the human record, capturing events and circumstances that range from the significant to the quotidian. However, the quantity and range of photograph collections in both public and private repositories often pose a challenge to the people responsible for caring for and managing them. This can be the case particularly where stewards of such collections are unable to find the training or resources to support their efforts to preserve this heritage.

For these reasons, the Getty Conservation Institute engaged in a series of educational activities that supported the enhancement of photograph preservation in two areas of the world with significant photograph collections but where access to information and training is still limited.


For conservation professionals in central, southern, and eastern Europe, the GCI organized an international symposium in Bratislava, Slovakia (2007) and a three-year course entitled Fundamentals of the Conservation of Photographs (2008–2010). The GCI continued its work in the region with Advanced Topics in Photograph Conservation, a series of of specialized workshops for conservators in the region that ran from 2013 until 2015.

In the Middle East and North Africa, the GCI collaborated with several partners on the Middle East Photograph Preservation Initiative (MEPPI). This multi-faceted initiative included a survey of collections in the region, a series of courses for collection custodians, and a symposium focused on the rich photographic legacy of the Middle East.

Select resources developed for the preservation of photographs and photograph collections initiative, including teaching materials and other resources, are available online for use by professionals and educators.

Page updated: May 2022