GettyGuide ®

GettyGuide is videos, audio recordings, and detailed information about the works of art on display at the J. Paul Getty Museum. GettyGuide can be accessed on an iPod touch® at the Museum. It is also available online in the Museum Collection section of this website.

GettyGuide Multimedia Player

Enhance your visit with an iPod touch, available free of charge on the first floor of the Museum. A photo ID is required for use of the GettyGuide. The device features videos and insightful commentary from curators and conservators on over 150 works of art in the collection of the J. Paul Getty Museum at the Getty Villa and in special exhibitions.

The 45-minute collection highlights tour on the multimedia player introduces you to some the Museum's most breathtaking ancient objects, including a life-size statue of Herakles and a dazzling ensemble of ancient gold jewelry. The family tour brings ancient art and culture alive for kids. Both the highlights tour and the family tour are offered in English and Spanish.

A visual descriptions audio tour offers detailed descriptions of works in the Museum's collection for visitors with visual impairments and those seeking an in-depth looking experience.

GettyGuide on the Web

Browse the Getty's collection on the Museum Collection section of this website.

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Admission to the Getty Villa is free. An advance, timed ticket is required.

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