GettyGuide is videos, audio recordings, and detailed information about the works of art on display at the J. Paul Getty Museum. GettyGuide can be accessed on an iPod touch at the Museum, on your smartphone with the Goggles app for iPhone and Android, and on the Museum Collection section of this website.

GettyGuide Multimedia Player

Enhance your visit with an iPod touch, available free of charge at the GettyGuide Desk in the Museum Entrance Hall. A photo ID is required for use of the GettyGuide. The player features:

  • Insightful commentary from curators, conservators, and artists on over 300 works of art in the collection of the J. Paul Getty Museum at the Getty Center and in special exhibitions.
  • A tour of highlights of the collection is included in Brazilian Portuguese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin Chinese, and Spanish.
  • A visual descriptions audio tour offers detailed descriptions of works in the Museum's collection for visitors with visual impairments and those seeking an in-depth looking experience.
  • Children ages 6 and up can listen to fun facts about art jazzed up with music, sound effects, and more on the Family Tour, available in English and Spanish. It's a great way for families to learn about art together.
  • By kids, for kids, our witty Demons, Angels, and Monsters audio tour looks at the supernatural in art and features the voices of tweens and a few demons, angels, and monsters.

  • Get a taste of the objects in the Museum's collection and learn how food and wine connect works of art to fantasy, fashion, and politics over time in our An Art Tasting audio tour centered in the South Pavilion.
  • Listen to the voices of some animals that live in the North Pavilion. From a famous painted hare, to a bronze boar, to a few carved lions, each has something funny or surprising to say in our Straight from the Horse's Mouth audio tour.

GettyGuide on the Web

Browse the Getty's collection on the Museum Collection section of this website.