Dia de los Muertos, Self Help Graphics & Art (left) and exhibition installation at Craft Contemporary (right).
The J. Paul Getty Trust has initiated the LA Arts COVID-19 Relief Fund—a $10 million fund to support Los Angeles-based nonprofit museums and visual arts organizations. Administered by the California Community Foundation (CCF), the fund is providing both emergency operating support and recovery grants to eligible small and mid-sized organizations in Los Angeles County. The fund aims to have an efficient and expedited review process so that recipient organizations receive funds in a timely fashion.

Getty and CCF have been long-time collaborators on ensuring the arts are lifted in Los Angeles. For over 30 years both organizations have come together to administer one of the most prestigious fellowships for visual artists in the country. This relief fund is a natural extension of that support and recognition that the arts are central to a vital Los Angeles County.

Types of Grants

Relief Grants
Emergency relief efforts will focus on supporting eligible museums and visual arts nonprofits that contribute significantly to the region's artistic diversity and are facing great difficulty during the coronavirus crisis. Guidelines and application information are available here.
Recovery Grants
Recovery funds will help key museums and visual arts nonprofits stabilize their operations, plan for an uncertain future, and work together to serve our diverse local communities. Further details about the application and timeline for recovery grants will be announced at a later date.

Are you a visual artist looking for emergency support? See the Relief Fund for L.A. County Visual Artists, now accepting requests for individual emergency grants until May 25, 2020.


We invite you to join us in this effort and to pledge your support for LA's vital museums and visual arts institutions. Help us save jobs, keep arts education accessible, and preserve our community arts institutions. To make a secure, tax-deductible donation online, visit CCF's website.

Why Our Museums and Visual Arts Organizations Need Your Support

As one of the world's major creative capitals and the nation's second-largest city, Los Angeles is home to more than 100 visual arts museums and nonprofits. Ranging from neighborhood cultural centers to major arts institutions, these destinations reflect not only the story of Los Angeles, but also the global story of human creativity. They attract visitors to our city, embody the diversity of the region, engage us with history and expression, and inspire us to achieve greater cultural empathy. Arts institutions and artists are also vibrant contributors to our local creative economy, which generates more than $203 billion annually. One out of every six jobs in LA County is in a creative field.

The novel coronavirus outbreak has spawned an unprecedented crisis for our museums and visual arts institutions, particularly the small and midsize organizations that anchor our communities. These institutions are as diverse as LA itself, with activities ranging from providing arts education for underserved students to presenting groundbreaking art that challenges our perceptions of the world around us.

With the closing of museum doors this past March, a dire reality has set in, threatening the very existence of these nonprofits. Exhibitions, performances, bookstores, and onsite cafes that normally would attract visitors are closed. And very few small to midsize arts organizations have endowment funds or reserves on hand. News outlets are reporting almost daily about staff lay-offs, furloughs, and wage cuts. Especially impacted are young people of color just entering the profession, and artists who cobble together several part-time jobs at museums to make ends meet.

Americans for the Arts—the nation's leading arts advocacy nonprofit—recently presented a stark picture of the challenges facing the arts sector nationwide.

-Losses of the American nonprofit arts sector are estimated at $4.5 billion as of April 6 (up from $3.2 billion on March 20).

-Arts nonprofits have experienced an estimated $197 million in lost revenue due to cancelled or postponed events.

The cultural sector in Los Angeles will be particularly hard-hit. But there's something we can all do together to help our arts workers and cherished visual arts institutions. Join us today in contributing to the LA Arts COVID-29 Relief Fund and support these organizations that make our region an internationally-recognized creative capital.

Visit CCF's website to make a donation.

Top left: Craft Contemporary Paperworks Installation Image, September 2015. Photo: Craft Contemporary. Top right: 2015 Día de los Muertos, courtesy of Self Help Graphics & Art. Photo: Rafael Cardenas.