This year's application deadline has passed, and the Foundation is no longer accepting inquiries. The information below is provided for reference only.

Through an international competition and as part of its Keeping It Modern initiative, the Getty Foundation is offering Planning and Implementation Grants to support the conservation of modern architecture.

Planning Grants

Planning grants are available for research and planning projects for significant 20th-century buildings that involve practitioners from multiple disciplines and may include research of historical documentation; research on the historic fabric of the building; physical analysis and testing of original materials used in construction, such as their properties and performance under specific conditions; the development and testing of technical solutions; and preparation of technical drawings, budget estimates, and schedules of work. Planning projects may also include the creation of comprehensive management plans for developing cyclical maintenance and long-term care policies. The majority of Keeping It Modern grants awarded will be for research and planning.

Implementation Grants

Implementation grants are available for exceptional projects related to internationally recognized buildings that advance the conservation of modern architecture in significant ways and have the potential to serve as models for the conservation of other 20th-century buildings.


Keeping It Modern is a fully international grant initiative. Nonprofit or charitable organizations from around the world are eligible to request support. Buildings must be significant, publicly owned, and serve a public function. Grant support is not available for privately held or commercial properties. Projects that focus on deferred maintenance, rebuilding, or major reconstruction of lost fabric fall outside the scope of the initiative.

How to Apply for Support

Applicants must submit a preliminary letter of inquiry (1-2 pages in length). The letter of inquiry should contain information about: 1) the applicant organization; 2) the amount of the grant request; 3) the significance of the building and the building's current ownership; and 4) a summary of the project for which funding is requested.

Foundation staff will review inquiries and determine whether the organization will be invited to prepare a full proposal. Letters of inquiry may be emailed any time before December 9, 2019 to

We strongly advise that inquiries be submitted well before the December 9 deadline.

Next Steps

Eligible organizations that are invited to apply will receive a link to the Getty Foundation's grant portal along with detailed application instructions. Foundation staff will provide guidance as needed.

Application Deadline

Fully developed proposals are due online by midnight, March 2, 2020.

Review Process and Criteria

Keeping It Modern Planning and Implementation Grants will be awarded on a competitive basis. Applications will be evaluated by Getty Foundation staff and by an international advisory committee broadly based on the following criteria: 1) the significance of the building; 2) the strength of the project proposal and its potential to have an impact on the field and advance the conservation of modern architecture; 3) the qualifications of the project team members in relation to the work plan; and 4) the potential of the proposed methodology and protocols to serve as models for the conservation of other 20th-century buildings.

Please note that the review of applications may take up to four months to complete.

Top: View of Museu de Arte de São Paulo Assis Chateaubriand (MASP) on Avenida Paulista, 2016. Photo: Eduardo Ortega

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