Education and Training

In order to understand the nature and scope of the professional development needs in this field, the Panel Paintings Initiative undertook a far-reaching survey of museums with major collections of painted panels, as well as panel conservation studios and existing training opportunities in the structural stabilization of panel paintings. Funded by the Getty Foundation, the survey was conducted by the National Gallery of Denmark, in partnership with the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Conservation and aimed to identify the most significant collections of panel paintings and the current level of their care, the individuals who would benefit most from further training, and the future employment prospects for specialized panel paintings conservators.

The results of the survey were being used to inform subsequent training activities of the initiative. These activities include residencies, funded by the Getty Foundation, which provided select conservators at the post-graduate, mid-career, and advanced levels training opportunities with the current leaders in the field, as well as participation in related workshops and improved access to technical materials and other resources. The first training grant allowed conservator José de la Fuente of the Museo del Prado to undertake a complex treatment of Dürer's Adam and Eve under the expert supervision of senior Metropolitan Museum of Art conservator George Bisacca. Information on other components of the initiative supported by the Getty Foundation can be found on the Foundation's Web site.

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Page updated: August 2019