Photo: Nate Ryan

The Okee Dokee Brothers

Garden Concerts for Kids


Saturday, Sunday, August 3 - August 4, at 4 pm

Central Garden


Get free tickets to the Getty Center

Get free tickets to the Getty Center

Justin Lansing and Joe Mailander may be Grammy-winning folk musicians, but when you meet them, it’s clear they’re just doing what they’ve been doing since they were three years old. As childhood friends growing up outside of Denver, Colorado, Justin and Joe were always exploring the outdoors. For their most recent album, Brambletown, the Okee Dokee Brothers have wandered deep into the forest of imagination. Their new songs are about a community of critters who are restoring interconnections through the healing power of nature. The album's gorgeous melodies and unfussy lyrics ease listeners through these woods on a path that is both ancient and reborn.

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