76.AE.131.10, fragment from body of vessel
Pottery fragment with black lines
76.AE.131.10, interior view of fragment from body of vessel
The back of the pottery fragment
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Plate 558, 5–6

Accession Number 76.AE.131.10

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–1976, Max and Linda Palevsky (Los Angeles, California); 1976, donated to the J. Paul Getty Museum.

Shape and Ornament

Single fragment from the body of a vessel.


Part of a chariot, with the upper section of the wheel.

Attribution and Date

Unattributed. Fifth century B.C.

Dimensions and Condition

Maximum preserved dimension 3.65 cm. Surface worn, especially interior. Nicks and scratches; chips missing. Interior black.

Technical Features

Preliminary sketch. Relief contour. Dilute glaze inside.


Not previously published.


For chariots, see Abbreviation: Manakidou, Parastaseis me armataE. Manakidou. Parastaseis me armata (8.–5. ai. P. Ch.): Paratērēseis stēn eikonographia tous. Thessaloniki, 1994.