79.AE.95.12 and 79.AE.95.13, fragments from neck of vessel
Two pottery fragments, each showing a vine with heart-shaped leaves
79.AE.95.12 and 79.AE.95.13, interior view of fragments from neck of vessel
The back side of the two pottery fragments, one mostly black, the other is mottled
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Plate 547, 5–6

Accession Numbers 79.AE.95.12 and 79.AE.95.13

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–1979, Malcolm Wiener (Greenwich, Connecticut); 1979, donated to the J. Paul Getty Museum; these were part of a group of fourteen miscellaneous Greek and South Italian fragments. Following a collaborative research project, seven of these fragments were identified as coming from Francavilla Marittima and deaccessioned (see further, F. van der Wielen-van Ommeren and L. de Lachenal, eds., La dea di Sibari e il santuario ritrovato: Studi sui rinvenimenti dal Timpone Motta di Francavilla Marittima, vols. 1.1 and 1.2 [Rome, 2007–8]). The fragments that were not associated with the site—including these two—remain in the collection.

Shape and Ornament

Two non-joining fragments from the neck. Part of black ivy vine preserved between two black lines in a reserve panel. Interior black.

Attribution and Date

Unattributed. Circa mid-fifth century B.C.

Dimensions and Condition

79.AE.95.12: Height 6.6 cm; width 4.5 cm.

79.AE.95.13: Height 5.3 cm; width 3.5 cm.


Not previously published.


See entry no. 12 (81.AE.161).