83.AE.284.201, fragment from body and shoulder of vessel
Damaged pottery fragment showing curved lines that may depict part of a face, shoulder, and arm
83.AE.284.201, interior view of fragment from body and shoulder of vessel
Back side of the pottery fragment that is just black (aside from the damage)
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Plate 533, 4–5

Accession Number 83.AE.284.201

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By 1981–83, Herbert Lucas Jr. (Los Angeles, California); 1983, donated to the J. Paul Getty Museum; one of a large group of fragments (83.AE.284.1–.516) lent to the J. Paul Getty Museum in 1981 by Herbert Lucas; according to Museum documentation at the time of acquisition, Lucas stated that they were formerly in the Ernst Collection in Switzerland, but this has not been verified.

Shape and Ornament

Body and shoulder fragment. Interior black.


Nude left shoulder and lower part of the face of a youth looking down to right.

Attribution and Date

Attributed to the Triptolemos Painter by J. R. Guy. Circa 470 B.C.

Dimensions and Condition

Maximum preserved dimensions: height 4.1 cm; width 6.4 cm; thickness 0.6 cm.

Technical Features

Preliminary sketch. Relief contour.


“Acquisitions/1983,” Abbreviation: GettyMusJThe J. Paul Getty Museum Journal 12 (1984): 247, no. 82.


For the Triptolemos Painter, see entry no. 21 (86.AE.203). Thick brushing is characteristic of his work. Cf. a fragmentary amphora at the J. Paul Getty Museum, 85.AE.499.1, 85.AE.499.4, + 86.AE.194 (Abbreviation: CVACorpus Vasorum Antiquorum Malibu 7 [USA 32], pl. 329.2), depicting a warrior arming.

The figure is probably an athlete, either a diskos or javelin thrower, perhaps scraping himself with a strigil.