Cataloging some hundred thousand examples of ancient Greek painted pottery held in collections around the world, the authoritative Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum (Corpus of Ancient Vases) is the oldest research project of the Union Académique Internationale. Nearly four hundred volumes have been published since the first fascicule appeared in 1922.

This new fascicule of the CVA—the tenth issued by the J. Paul Getty Museum and the first ever to be published open access—presents a selection of Attic red-figure column- and volute-kraters ranging from the late sixth through the early fourth centuries B.C. Among the works included are a significant dinoid volute-krater and a volute-krater with the Labors of Herakles that is attributed to the Kleophrades Painter.

Featuring zoomable images and multiple views of every krater, linked bibliographic references, and indices of attributions and subjects, this open-access, custom catalogue, along with its object data, is available for free online and in multiple formats for download, including PDF, MOBI/Kindle, and EPUB. A paperback reference edition is also available for purchase.

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Tsiafakis, Despoina. Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum 10: Athenian Red-Figure Column- and Volute-Kraters. Los Angeles: J. Paul Getty Museum, 2019. http://getty.edu/publications/cva10.


Tsiafakis, Despoina. Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum 10: Athenian Red-Figure Column- and Volute-Kraters. J. Paul Getty Museum, 2019. http://getty.edu/publications/cva10. Accessed Aug. 29, 2019.

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July 16, 2019

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Corpus vasorum antiquorum. [United States of America.]
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    At head of title: Union académique internationale. 
    Includes index. 
    Contents: v. 1. Molly and Walter Bareiss Collection: 
Attic black-figured amphorae, neck-amphorae, kraters, 
stamnos, hydriai, and fragments of undetermined
closed shapes.

    1.  Vases, Greek—Catalogs.  2. Bareiss, Molly—Art
collections—Catalogs.  3. Bareiss, Walter—Art 
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California—Malibu—Catalogs.  5. Vases—California—
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ISBN 0-89236-134-4 

ISBN 978-1-60606-601-0 (fasc. 10; hardcover)
ISBN 978-1-60606-602-7 (fasc. 10; ebook)
ISBN 978-1-60606-603-4 (fasc. 10; online)

The J. Paul Getty Museum’s prior CVA fascicules 1–9 are available for free download in our Virtual Library.

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