86.AE.209.1 and 86.AE.209.2, fragments from body of vessel
Two pottery fragments, one mostly light brown, the other mostly black
86.AE.201.1 and 86.AE.209.2, interior view of fragments from body of vessel
Back of the two pottery fragments, one mostly black, the other mostly grey
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Plate 547, 3–4

Accession Numbers 86.AE.209.1 and 86.AE.209.2

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–1983, Walter and Molly Bareiss (no Bareiss number); 1983–86, the Mary S. Bareiss 1983 Trust; 1986, sold to the J. Paul Getty Museum.

Shape and Ornament

86.AE.209.1: Three joining body fragments. Interior black.

86.AE.209.2: Single body fragment preserving part of the side border of the panel that is decorated with dots and frames the figural scene. Interior black.


86.AE.209.1: Draped figure.

Attribution and Date

Unattributed. Circa 475–450 B.C.

Dimensions and Condition

86.AE.209.1: Maximum preserved dimension 12.7 cm. Mended from three fragments.

86.AE.209.2: Maximum preserved dimension 8.2 cm. Interior exhibits abraded and pitted surface. Exterior and interior show residues of root casings.

Technical Features

Accessory color. Red: line at lower end of 86.AE.209.2


“Acquisitions/1986,” Abbreviation: GettyMusJThe J. Paul Getty Museum Journal 15 (1987): 160–61, no. 7.