Black and red Greek pottery drawing of Paris embracing Helen embellished with Broadway-style ensembles.

Recent Production

Seven Loves

February 10 through February 13, 2023

This Valentine's cabaret brings together award-winning performers singing songs from Broadway (musicals based on Greek and Roman myths, of course) to explore the full range and complexities of love. Show tunes, both familiar and obscure, will take audiences on a journey as only music can—at once silly and sad, ridiculous and sublime . . . very much like love itself.

Conceived and Directed by Mark Valdez
Music Director Steven Argilla
Co-Produced with Mark-n-Sparks

Past Productions

The Greek Trilogy of Luis Alfaro
Partnering with the Center Theatre Group, Getty premiered MacArthur Fellow Luis Alfaro's Chicanx adaptations of Electricidad, Oedipus El Rey, and Mojada in readings filmed at the Kirk Douglas Theatre. Alfaro's award-winning trilogy of plays transplant themes of the ancient Greek tragedies of Electra, Oedipus the King, and Medea into the 21st-century streets of Los Angeles, giving voice to the concerns of the Chicanx and wider Latinx communities.
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These performances were complemented by a conversation between Luis Alfaro and Dr. Rosa Andújar. Watch on Getty's YouTube ≫

Troubadour Theater Company Presents: The ODDyssey
Stay-at-home orders or not, nothing can stop the Troubadour Theater Company (aka: the Troubies) from giving us some much-needed comedy! The ODDyssey recounts Homer's epic tale in five webisodes, offering a whimsical retelling of Odysseus's adventure for audiences of all ages. Watch on Getty's YouTube ≫

Fourlarks' katabasis ('descent to the underworld') is a site-specific live music performance work that is part immersive concert and part ritual theater. Staged outside for an intimate audience, katabasis unfurls across the Getty Villa in a walking procession. View the program ≫

SAPO featuring Buyepongo
Loosely based on Aristophanes' The Frogs, this play takes place in mid-1970s San Francisco, as a young Chicano band named SAPO—sporting afros, sweaty vests and bell bottom jeans—sets out to surpass Santana's success by making it big in the music industry with their own smooth acoustic Latin sounds. It's a slithery world of mischief, deception, and slippery hippy lily pads where anything goes. Adapted and performed by Culture Clash, with music by Buyepongo. View the program and artist's statement ≫

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