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Past Webinar Series

Art + Teaching in the Time of Coronavirus

Free webinar series for K12 Teachers

During this unprecedented time, the Getty Museum recognizes that K12 teachers are facing special opportunities and challenges in their work. To offer support, we are launching a free, monthly webinar series for K12 teachers across all subject areas, focusing on ways that the arts can inspire and engage students in both the virtual and in-person classroom. Each session will offer simple, creative strategies that you can use with your students right away.

November 18, 2020
Breaking the Zoom Wall:
Arts-based Strategies for Building Student Community in the Remote Classroom

Loss of in-person classroom communities has been one of the most hard-hitting challenges for K12 students during the pandemic. During this webinar, we will share short, arts-based approaches for building a sense of community in the remote classroom, including games, communal art activities, and other creative approaches that require minimal materials for students schooling from home.

December 16, 2020
The Getty Art Challenge & the K12 Classroom

The Getty Art Challenge, in which participants re-created famous artworks with simple household materials, went viral on social media when the pandemic hit. The project inspired creativity from people of all ages and art experience levels, including teens and children who posed for portraits in homemade costumes or arranged fruit and toys to replicate a still life. In this webinar you'll learn student-friendly approaches for adapting this popular activity to address the K12 Social Studies and English Language Arts curriculum.

January 27, 2021
The Pandemic in Art

While most of us are experiencing a pandemic for the first time, plagues have long been part of the human experience. In this webinar, Getty curators will explore pandemics and plagues in history through the lens of works of art. Getty educators will then showcase simple, creative artmaking projects that students can do to express and document their personal experiences of the coronavirus pandemic. (Recommended for Grades 3-12.)

February 17, 2021
Using the Arts to Nurture Mindfulness in the Classroom

Recognizing that students' worlds have been turned upside down in the last year, incorporating tools for emotional wellbeing into classroom activities is more important than ever. Mindfulness activities can help support student focus and attention and calm the nervous system, setting the stage for learning readiness. During this webinar you'll learn short, arts-based, mindfulness activities that can be done in both the virtual and in-person classroom in any subject area, not just during art class.

March 24, 2021
Easy DIY Virtual Museum Field Trips

Although museum field trips may not be possible in person this year, there are still ways to explore museums! In this webinar we'll share easy-to-use online tools and help you put together customized virtual museum field trips that support your core curriculum and engage students in out-of-the-box experiences. We'll also show you how to take advantage of digital tools to create experiences that wouldn't be possible at an in-person fieldtrip.

April 21, 2021
Get Up!: Using the Arts to Inspire Movement and Play

With remote and socially-distanced classroom spaces, student movement is more constrained than ever. We'll tackle this challenge by sharing arts-based activities that use movement and play to get students out of their chairs (or off their sofas, beds, floors,...) and energized – all while staying socially distant!

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