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Daniel Torrealva, Erika Vicente, and
Tim Michiels

In collaboration with Federica Greco, Claudia Cancino, and Kelly Wong, 2018

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Testing of Materials and Building Components of Historic Adobe Buildings in Peru summarizes and describes the conclusions of more than 300 experimental tests carried out from 2011 to 2014 as part of the Getty Conservation Institute's Seismic Retrofitting Project (SRP). It characterizes the material properties and structural behavior of the components of the four building prototypes selected for this project.

The performed tests were developed and carried out by the Escuela de Ciencias de Ingenieía of the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú in collaboration with the Getty Conservation Institute and project consultants. Some of these tests were performed for the first time on earthen materials and/or structural components, providing valuable information to the field and making this publication of significant value to engineers and conservation architects working in seismic areas.

Partial results of this testing program were previously published in international conference proceedings. This publication provides a comprehensive overview and a deeper understanding of the mechanical behavior of materials and structural components of historic earthen buildings in Peru.

The Seismic Retrofitting Project aims to design and test easy-to-implement seismic retrofitting techniques, both traditional and state-of-the art, as well as maintenance programs that improve the structural performance of earthen historic buildings in Peru and other countries in Latin America.