Decision Tree and Atlas of Analytical Signatures of Photographic Processes

conservation image

A major focus of the project is the development of a practical, analytically based decision tree for identification of photographic processes, process variants, and postprocessing chemical treatment of photographs.

The decision tree, together with an atlas of analytical signatures of photographic processes will aid photographic conservators, conservation scientists, and curators of photographic collections and archives in identifying photographs in their care. These tools will allow them to make educated decisions on important questions related to the storage, exhibition, and conservation treatment of photographs.

Work Completed:
First eleven chapters of the Atlas of Analytical Signatures of Photographic Processes

Work in Progress:
Accumulation of analytical data on the chemical composition of photographs created with different photographic processes;

Establishment of ranges of variation of chemical compositions for all individual photographic processes.

In 2009 the project established a collaboration with members of the alternative photographic processes community in order to build a collection of well characterized and scientifically studied examples of alternative process photographs (PDF, 23pp., 1.7MB).

Page updated: October 2015