Planning and Implementation

The planning and implementation component of Project Terra aimed to develop and promote integrated, interdisciplinary approaches to conservation management meeting the particular needs of earthen architectural heritage, through the development, testing, application, and/or monitoring of planning methodologies at selected earthen sites.

Work Completed

Management Plan for Chan Chan, Peru

  • The value-driven planning methodology advanced by the PAT96 and PAT99 courses has been applied to the development of a management plan for Chan Chan, undertaken by the Instituto Nacional de Cultura—La Libertad, with the support of UNESCO and the Terra partners. The plan was completed in 1999 and approved by government officials in January 2000.
  • A similar planning methodology to that employed for Chan Chan was adapted for application at Joya de Cerén in El Salvador through a cooperative project of the GCI and Concultura, and at Ft. Selden in New Mexico by New Mexico State Monuments.

Page updated: December 2006