Testing and Modelling of Earthen Sites

A program for testing and numerical modeling of building prototypes that evaluates structural performance during an earthquake was developed in collaboration with PUCP (testing program) and University of Minho (numerical modelling). The results of both programs are forthcoming.

Prior to this work, the Seismic Retrofitting Project organized a peer review meeting in Lima in July 2011 to get feedback on the testing and modeling methodology from international and national experts in the field of retrofitting historic sites.

The testing and modeling program was complemented by research on historical techniques used in the seismic reinforcement of Peruvian buildings, including vernacular methods which employ traditional, low-tech and alternative materials. This research included gathering information from Peruvian conservators regarding seismic performance of existing/implemented repairs on historic earthen buildings.

Results of this were presented at the 13º Seminario Iberoamericano de Arquitectura y Construcción con Tierra (SIACOT) in Valparaíso, Chile in 2012.

To date, PUCP has carried out material and structural characterization of the four building prototypes, executing over 300 static tests at their facilities in Lima. The University of Minho is currently constructing finite modeling analysis of the prototypes to be later retrofitted using the SRP-designed techniques.

Page updated: March 2016