Site Stabilization

As the island's pre-eminent World Heritage site, and one with extensive excavated archaeological and architectural remains, Nea Paphos needs improved approaches to stabilizing and presenting these remains. We will address the conservation problems facing the site's ashlar block and rubble masonry walls, plaster and marble plaque surface finishes, ancient water systems including wells, terracotta channels and drainage pipes, architectural fragments, and retaining walls and exposed trenches from decades of excavations.

Stabilization Program
We will develop a site stabilization program by first fully assessing the conditions of the remains and then developing treatment protocols. As part of the program, focused workshops will be given for technicians and other professional staff in current methods of stabilizing remains in a manner that retains authenticity while allowing the visitor to better understand a building's original layout.

Reburial as Preventive Measure
The treatment program will also pursue reburial as a preventive measure to protect excavated and exposed archaeological and architectural elements.