Conservation and Management Plan

As an important site for the history of Cyprus and as the island's first World Heritage site, Nea Paphos is in need of a comprehensive plan to guide its future preservation, to enhance for visitors its full range of cultural and natural values, and to meet World Heritage requirements. The ancient Roman cemetery and the setting of the site have been heavily impacted by unplanned development since the invasion and division of Cyprus in 1974, which caused the Paphos region, rather suddenly, to become a locus of tourism on the island. Tourism had previously been focused in the north of the island.

This rapid development and the resulting fragmentation of the site into three separate areas present planning challenges for understanding, visiting, and physically linking the site.

A framework
The conservation and management plan, which serves as the framework for the project will involve assessments of


condition of mosaics and architectural remains, and

the management context, including visitor management, and interpretation and presentation of the site.

This will be followed by development of key responses to the main conservation and management challenges, some of which may be implemented in the course of the project.