Application of Concepts, Strategies, and Expertise

The aim of this component is to adapt consensus building and dispute resolution concepts and strategies to the heritage field, and to promote the integration of those concepts and strategies into heritage education, training, and practice through research, application, and dissemination.

Work Completed
In December 2009 the GCI hosted, with the assistance of the Consensus Building Institute, a three-day workshop for an invited group of heritage practitioners and related professionals to explore the application of consensus building, negotiation, and conflict resolution concepts and strategies to the management of heritage places.

GCI workshop on consensus building

Participants presented case studies from diverse geographic and cultural contexts examining the issues and challenges of dealing with stakeholders in heritage place management, and the approaches used in addressing them.

The workshop produced a number of related recommendations, including development of guidelines for heritage practitioners working with stakeholders, inclusion of methods for dealing with stakeholders in heritage training and educational curricula, and the development of related didactic materials.

Background papers concerning relevant challenges in heritage conservation and management, consensus building concepts and strategies, the case studies, and workshop recommendations are available for download.

Page updated: April 2016