Environmental Monitoring and Climate Control

The GCI is conducting interior and exterior environmental monitoring at the Eames House in order to develop an understanding of the environmental and physical conditions affecting the site, the house, and its contents. Environmental monitoring activities include installation of an on-site weather station tower, temperature monitoring, relative humidity monitoring, and measurement of light and ultraviolet exposure.

The results of these studies will enable the GCI to better understand the environmental conditions affecting the fabric and develop appropriate conservation approaches. This will include the design of a minimally intrusive, conservation-focused climate control strategy to create an appropriate environment for the interior collection.

The Eames House's interior collection comprises an array of furnishings, textiles, books, folk objects, and artworks. One of the site's character-defining features, the collection is especially vulnerable to damage caused by fluctuations in temperature and relative humidity, as well as prolonged light exposure. The GCI seeks a balanced approach to climate regulation that will protect the building and its contents while allowing the Eames Foundation to continue exhibiting the house and its contents.

Page updated: January 2015