Conservation Management Planning

The GCI and the Eames Foundation, working with consultants from GML Heritage in Sydney, Australia, developed a conservation management plan (CMP) for the Eames House and its site. The CMP brings together historical documentation and oral evidence, physical analysis of the existing fabric, and knowledge of its performance. This information was used to identify the site's significant heritage values and develop policies to inform a long-term strategy for its care and conservation.

The Eames House Conservation Management Plan provides both broad and detailed policy guidelines for the ongoing use and care of the site—which includes the house and studio, interior collections, and landscape—to ensure the preservation of its many significant heritage values for future generations. The CMP provides policy recommendations for implementing detailed work and recommendations for prioritizing works, but does not include a work plan or specifications. A well-known tool internationally, the conservation management plan provides a model for the conservation of similar buildings from this era by demonstrating how thoughtful conservation planning is applicable to modern buildings.

As part of the ongoing care and conservation program, the project supports a maintenance-based approach to conservation, which can prolong the life span of building materials and prevent unnecessary replacement. The project recommends development of a long-term maintenance plan that is based on knowledge of materials and their deterioration and durability over time. The Eames Foundation will use this maintenance plan to guide future decisions on the care of the house in a manner that is consistent with the Eames House Conservation Management Plan.

Page updated: March 2019