Related Projects

DISCO: Data Integration for Conservation Science
DISCO seeks to improve the ways scientific and technical studies contribute to the conservation and understanding of works of art through development of computer-assisted data integration tools that will facilitate extraction and sharing of new information by a broad community of users.

Middle Eastern Geodatabase for Antiquities (MEGA) - Jordan
Development and implementation of a bilingual Arabic-English, Web-based national geographic information system (GIS) for Jordan's Department of Antiquities (DoA) to assist the department in inventorying, monitoring, and managing Jordan's vast number of archaeological sites.

Los Angeles Historic Resource Survey Project
Researching the objectives, methods, funding, and incentives employed in a comprehensive citywide survey in Los Angeles and working with city decision-makers and stakeholders to implement a survey program.

Iraq Cultural Heritage Conservation Initiative
An initiative to mitigate threats to and repair damage sustained by Iraq's cultural heritage, and to rebuild the country's professional conservation and heritage management capacity.

Page updated: January 2013