Assessment of Shelters Over Mosaics

As part of GCI's Mosaics In Situ project, an evaluation of the performance of shelters over mosaics began in 2002 in partnership with English Heritage and the Israel Antiquities Authority. It incorporated two phases.

Phase one was a rapid assessment and survey of existing shelters over mosaics in England and Israel. A methodology for the rapid assessment was developed and applied in England by English Heritage and by the Israel Antiquities Authority in Israel. Initial results were presented at the 2005 ICCM conference in Tunisia (see Lessons Learned) and the 2008 ICCM conference in Palermo, Italy.

Based on this rapid assessment, phase two was a preliminary assessment of the condition of mosaics protected by shelters; a basic correlation between mosaic condition and shelter construction; and a better understanding of how to best construct shelters to protect mosaics.

Last updated: October 2014