The primary goal of the Directors' Retreats project was the enhancement of conservation education by providing senior-level educators opportunities for strategic thinking, discussion, and renewal in a congenial and quiet setting away from the duties and strains of everyday work life.

Retreats were held in the following years:

The Directors' Retreats reflect the GCI's long-standing commitment to the development of conservation education. Since 1987 the Institute has organized meetings, seminars, and related projects with the aim of supporting and advancing the teaching of conservation. In April 2000, an ad hoc meeting of conservation educators was convened in Los Angeles to consider current and emerging needs in conservation education internationally, both for movable and immovable heritage. Among the most pressing was the need for more opportunities for communication among directors of education programs, leading to a better exchange of ideas and information, as well as to strategic thinking across institutions. The GCI responded by initiating the Directors' Retreats, a series of meetings open to directors of academic programs in conservation or heads of conservation organizations whose missions include education.

In 2002 the Getty Conservation Institute launched the first in this series of meetings for directors of academic programs and professional organizations involved in conservation education. The retreats allowed participants to address key issues for the future of conservation education, while forming or renewing contact with other national and international leaders in conservation education. Each retreat was developed jointly by the GCI and one or more partner institutions.

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