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"The Future of Looking Younger: A New face for PMMA. Research into fill materials to repair poly (methyl methacrylate) in contemporary objects and photographs" by Anna Laganà, Julia Langenbacher, Rachel Rivenc, Maëlle Caro, Vincent Dion, and Tom Learner. In ICOM-CC 17th Triennial Conference Preprints, Copenhagen, 4–8 September 2017.

"Looking through Plastics: Investigating Options for the Treatment of Scratches, Abrasions, and Losses in Cast Unsaturated Polyester Works of Art" by Anna Laganà, Rachel Rivenc, Julia Langenbacher, John Griswold, and Tom Learner. In ICOM-CC 17th Triennial Conference Preprints, Melbourne, 15–19 September 2014.

"The L.A. Look from Start to Finish: Materials, Processes, and Conservation of Works by Finish Fetish Artists" by Rachel Rivenc, Emma Richardson, and Tom Learner. In Preprints of ICOM-CC 16th Triennial Conference, Lisbon 19-23 September 2011.

GCI Newsletter Articles

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Less is More: Exploring Minimally Invasive Methods to Repair Plastic Works of Art (Spring 2014)
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POPART: An International Research Project on the Conservation of Plastics (Fall 2009)

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