Computer Modelling

A principal challenge of this research is the adaptation of the developed backing methods using locally available materials in the countries of the MOSAIKON region.

In order to accomplish this, a finite-element (FE) computer model of the new backing methods has been built, based on mortar and mid-scale mockup test results achieved at the GCI. The reliability of the FE model (the computer model's ability to predict the stress-strain curves obtained by a physical test) will be finally tested by large-scale mockup test results. When a reliable FE model has been produced, the computer model will aid in determining the most important factors (e.g., size, weight, etc.) of a mosaic affecting the choice of a new backing system.

This model will facilitate easy adaption of material changes and help to create user-friendly design guidelines to assist regional professionals in developing appropriate backing methods using locally available and inexpensive materials.

Page updated: October 2014