Screenshot of the project
The term "digital art history" has become a shorthand reference for the potentially transformative effect that digital technologies hold for the discipline of art history. Advanced technologies are making research materials more widely accessible and allowing scholars to ask and answer new questions. The latest tools and techniques allow researchers to handle large volumes of digitized images and texts, trace patterns and connections formerly hidden from view, recover the past in virtual environments, and bring the complex intricacies of works of art to light as never before, to name just a few opportunities.

Through its Digital Art History initiative, the Getty Foundation is supporting projects that allow art historians to explore the opportunities and challenges presented by these technologies. Grants also support training workshops, which prepare art historians to work with digital tools and plan for innovative research.

Top: Screen shot of the project "San Julián de Samos: a digital approach" presented by Estefanía López Salas at the 2018 Visualizing Venice Summer Workshop