Workshop Materials

Since the workshop series Cleaning of Acrylic Painted Surfaces (CAPS) began in 2009, it has reached over 114 practicing conservators through workshops in North America, Europe, and Australia, with future workshops planned to meet the ongoing demand of the field.

The workshops aim to disseminate a wealth of new information and research about acrylic paints, and to help conservators put it into practice in a way that can be tailored to address specific problems and contexts. The didactic materials below (downloadable PDF files) were created for the workshop series; new materials will be added as they are developed.

Teaching Note
Introduces materials, describes workshop objectives, and teaching and learning methodologies used
Teaching Note

Course Bibliography
CAPS Bibliography, 2016

Workshop Schedule
CAPS Schedule, 2016

Session Outlines
Acrylic Paints Basics
Recent Research into Cleaning: Wet Cleaning of Acrylic Paints
Chemistry of Liquid Cleaning
Modular Cleaning Program
Cleaning with microemulsions
Gelling/Emulsifying aqueous systems
Gelling/Emulsifying non-polar systems

Technical Notes
Modular Cleaning Program Recipes
Downloading and Registering the Modular Cleaning Program
pH Meters
pH Adjusted Water Recipes
The Just and True Formulation of Emulsions Using Pemulen TR2

Narrated by workshop instructor Chris Stavroudis, these 9 short videos demonstrate useful techniques and provide technical information related to the cleaning of acrylic painted surfaces.

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