Southern California Architecture and Design

Welton Becket Archive
The architectural archive (drawings and photographs) of the architect whose iconic designs defined the built environment of Los Angeles in the mid-20th century.

Frank Brothers Records
The archive of an influential Long Beach, California, furniture company, active between 1930 and 1982, credited with defining and promoting midcentury modern furniture design on the West Coast.

Franklin D. Israel Archive
The architectural archive (drawings, models, photographs, and papers) of the Los Angeles–based architect who contributed substantially toward the architectural discourse of the 1980s and early 1990s.

Ray Kappe Archive
The architectural archive (drawings, models, and papers) of the prominent architect and founder of the Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-Arc).

Pierre Koenig Archive
The architectural archive (drawings, photographs, papers, and models) of the famous architect of such iconic houses as Case Study House 21 and Case Study House 22.

William Krisel Archive
The architectural archive (drawings, photographs, and papers) of one of Southern California's most successful architects, who brought affordable, well-designed modern residences and landscapes to middle-class families throughout the region.

John Lautner Archive
The architectural archive (drawings, models, photographs, and papers) of the important Southern California architect who designed innovative residences such as the Chemosphere, Silvertop, and the Elrod House.

Union Station Collection
The collection of impressive architectural drawings of Union Station in Los Angeles, considered the "last of the great railway stations."

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International Architecture and Design

Charles Barry Collection
Measured drawings and sketches by the well-known architect of London's Houses of Parliament.

Bauhaus Papers
The collection of assembled material from the Bauhaus years of 1919–1933, as well as material influenced by Bauhaus designers up to 1984. Included are photographs, typescripts, offprints and publications, original graphics, clippings, sketches and drawings, weavings, curricula and correspondence.

William Butterfield Papers
The drawings for religious buildings and hospitals and their furnishings by the ardent promoter of English Gothic Revival.

Coop Himmelblau Collection
Models and drawings for five architectural projects (most unexecuted) designed by the famous Viennese architectural firm's Los Angeles office.

Peter Eisenman Architectural Drawings for House VI, 1972
Sixty-three architectural drawings in pencil, pen and marker on paper documenting the design development of House VI, one of Peter Eisenman's most important early polemical designs.

Yona Friedman Archive
The papers (research and lecture notes, draft writings, correspondence, and sketches) of an influential French architectural critic and theoretician.

Zaha Hadid Drawings for "The Great Utopia" Exhibition, 1992
A collection of drawings and paintings executed for the design of "The Great Utopia," a Guggenheim Museum exhibition of Russian Constructivist art.

Robert Irwin Papers, 1970–2004
Known for his space, light, and environmental works, Irwin's papers include correspondence, writings, clippings, drawings, photographs, models, and sound and video recordings documenting 47 site-specific artworks, including the Getty garden.

Philip Johnson Papers
The papers (photographs, correspondence, clippings) of one of the leaders of modern and post-modern architecture.

Daniel Libeskind Papers
The architectural archive (drawings, models and notebooks) of the early work (1968–1992) of the famous contemporary architect.

Aldo Rossi Papers
The papers, consisting of correspondence, lecture and course materials, notebooks and other miscellaneous writings, plus the drawings for one architectural project, of a well-known Italian architect of the late 20th century.

Bernard Rudofsky Papers
Papers from 1910–1987, consisting of notebooks, sketchbooks, magazine articles, magazine cover designs, architectural drawings, lectures, and photographs of the influential architect, critic, exhibition designer, and fashion designer.

Karl Schneider Papers
The papers and drawings of the German architect and industrial designer who trained under Lussow and Kuehne, Walter Gropius, and Peter Behrens, and designed houses, housing projects, factories, theaters, "unit" furniture, and product designs for Chicago's Sears, Roebuck & Co.

Paul Schuitema Collection
The collection, including advertisements, pamphlets, proof pages, flyers, and photographs, highlighting the designs, typography, photomontages, and use of color of this Dutch graphic, furniture, and architectural designer.

Frank Lloyd Wright Collection
Photographs of the drawings and microfiche copies of the correspondence preserved in the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation Archives (The Museum of Modern Art | Avery Architectural & Fine Arts Library, Columbia University, New York).

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Architectural Photography

Julius Shulman Archive
The photographic archive of the famous Los Angeles architectural photographer.

Lucien Hervé Collection
The negatives and color transparencies taken by Hervé as the official photographer of Le Corbusier.

Leonard Nadel Papers
The papers of the documentary photographer for the Los Angeles Housing Authority from 1949 until 1953, including two unpublished books (Pueblo del Rio and Aliso Village U.S.A.), photographs, negatives, contact prints, slides, pamphlets and related documents.

Edmund Teske Collection
Photographic prints from the late 1970s documenting the architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright, including Taliesin East, Taliesin West, Hollyhock House, and Barnsdall Studio Residence B, which no longer exists.

Camilo José Vergara Collection
A photography collection featuring views of Los Angeles neighborhoods such as South Central, Watts, and Skid Row that highlight individual homes, local stores, churches, schools, and billboards.

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Architecture and Design Discourse

Reyner Banham Papers
The papers of the architectural historian, critic, educator and editor including photographs, correspondence, draft manuscripts, printed material and research notes for eight of Banham's published books, unpublished projects, and many articles and reviews related to the history of architecture and design.

Ada Louise Huxtable Papers
The papers of the architecture critic for the New York Times (1963-1982) and the Wall Street Journal (1997-2012), one of the most important voices in the field of architectural criticism during the second half of the 20th century.

The International Congresses for Modern Architecture (CIAM) Belgian Section Papers
The 1928–1958 records of the Belgian section of CIAM including the records of Paul Fitschy, Liège-based secretary of this section as well as some CIAM-related documents obtained in separate acquisitions. Included are correspondence and documents generated by the Belgian section itself, the central CIAM secretariat in Switzerland, and associated CIAM national sections.

International Design Conference in Aspen Archive
The papers (correspondence, notes, audiotapes, videotapes, conference materials, posters, and photographs) of the influential design organization that met every summer in Aspen between 1951 and 2004.

Nikolaus Pevsner Papers
The papers of a pre-eminent scholar of architectural history, whose studies on German and British architecture influenced several generations of architectural historians.

Lebbeus Woods Collections
The drawings of Berlin Free Zone and journals by a well-known architectural critic and theoretician.

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