Edited by Rand Eppich and Amel Chabbi; 2007

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Volume II: Illustrated Examples
This volume contains a series of illustrated case studies that demonstrates the successful use of diverse approaches to recording and documentation in a variety of situations. The examples cover a wide range of site typologies from individual buildings to cultural landscapes, and run the gamut of documentation techniques from hand survey to laser scanning. In each case, the approach to documentation is based, first and foremost, on the conservation needs of the site and the context in which the work takes place; technology, tools, and high-tech gadgets are secondary considerations.

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Introduction. Pages i–10. (23pp., 1.3MB)
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Base Recording: Gathering Information. Pages 11–42.
(32pp., 8.9MB)
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Assessment: Working with Information. Pages 43–70.
(28pp., 6.8MB)
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Data Management. Pages 71–102. (32pp., 10MB)
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Other Tools for Investigation and Monitoring. Pages 103–134.
(30pp., 6.4MB)
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Appendix A and Appendix B. Pages 135–142. (10pp., 544KB)
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Glossary, Bibliography, and About the Editors. Pages 143–164.
(24pp., 740KB)
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