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Proceedings of the Conservation Theme at the World Archaeological Congress, June 2003

Edited by Neville Agnew and Janet Bridgland

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Conservation is a core value for most archaeological societies. It is highlighted in their codes of ethics, statements of mission, and governance. In recognition of this, the World Archaeological Congress, with the Getty Conservation Institute and a consortium of other conservation organizations, brought together scholars working throughout the globe to discuss vital issues that affect archaeological heritage today.

Front Matter
Part One: Plenary Presentations
Part Two: Innovative Approaches to Policy & Management of Archaeological Sites
Part Three: Conserving Archaeological Sites: New Approaches and Technique
(95pp., 15.9MB)
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Part Four: Finding Common Ground: The Role of Stakeholders in Decision Making
Part Five: Issues at World Heritage Sites
Part Six: Archaeology and Tourism: A Viable Partnership?
(116pp., 18.8MB)
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Part Seven: Challenges in Conserving Archaeological Collections
Part Eight: Preserving the Cultural Heritage of Iraq and Afghanistan
Part Nine: Archaeology and Conservation in China Today
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Part Ten: Sharing Resources and Experience: Managing Archaeological & Rock Art Sites in Southern Africa
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Agnew, Neville, and Janet Bridgland, eds. 2006. Of the Past, for the Future: Integrating Archaeology and Conservation, Proceedings of the Conservation Theme at the 5th World Archaeological Congress, Washington, D.C., 22-26 June 2003. Getty Conservation Institute Symposium Proceedings Series. Los Angeles: Getty Conservation Institute.