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Paulo Lourenço, Federica Greco, Alberto Barontini, Maria Pia Ciocci and Giorgos Karanikoloudis

In collaboration with Daniel Torrealva and Claudia Cancino

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Proyecto de Estabilización Sismorresistente: Modelado de edificios tipo

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Modeling of Prototype Buildings summarizes the methodology and presents the conclusions of the modeling phase carried out by TecMinho, University of Minho, Portugal, as part of the Seismic Retrofitting Project (SRP).

Between 2015 and 2017, TechMinho studied four prototypes of historic earthen architecture in Peru in their current conditions and in retrofitted configurations. Modeling of Prototype Buildings presents the results of this effort, offering advanced numerical modeling approaches for historic adobe structures.

The report includes 3D numerical models of the structures, the characterization of the material properties, and the damage comparison, which are based on the visual inspection of the four SRP buildings and the testing program performed by the SRP partner Escuela de Ciencias de Ingeniería of the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú (PUCP).

This publication is the one in a series from the Seismic Retrofitting Project intended to provide professionals and researchers in the field of structural engineering with a methodology for the assessment of historic earthen structures using advanced numerical modeling techniques. Additional reports in the modeling phase are Recommendations for Advanced Modeling of Historic Earthen Sites and the forthcoming Simplified Calculations for the Structural Analysis of Earthen Historic Sites.

Using four Peruvian buildings representative of typologies of historic earthen construction in Latin America, the Seismic Retrofitting Project combines traditional construction techniques and materials with advanced methodologies to design and test easy-to-implement seismic retrofitting techniques and maintenance programs to improve the structural performance of earthen historic buildings in Peru and other countries in Latin America.

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Lourenço, Paulo B., Federica Greco, Alberto Barontini, Maria Pia Ciocci, and Giorgos Karanikoloudis. 2019. Seismic Retrofitting Project: Modeling of Prototype Buildings. Los Angeles: Getty Conservation Institute; Guimarães, Portugal: TecMinho – University of Minho.