Meeting Report

Tom Learner and Rachel Rivenc; 2015

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In June 2012, at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Getty Conservation Institute organized a meeting to discuss the issues and challenges posed by the conservation of twentieth–century outdoor painted sculpture. The meeting was attended by thirty-one invited participants representing a number of relevant professions including conservators, artists' estates, foundations and studios, the paint industry, collection managers, and curators.

The Conservation of Twentieth–Century Outdoor Painted Sculpture is the report of this meeting. It is organized in three sections corresponding to the format of the meeting—issues, responses and priorities. The report is in the form of meeting notes, reflecting the active dialogue among participants.

It is hoped this report will serve as a useful starting point for the profession to consider how best to advance the practice of outdoor sculpture conservation.

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Learner, Tom, and Rachel Rivenc. 2015. The Conservation of Twentieth-Century Outdoor Painted Sculpture: Meeting Report, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, June 4-5, 2012. Los Angeles: Getty Conservation Institute.