Our Lord in the Attic: A Case Study



Information about the museum and visitation:

download Mission statement (PDF, 118 KB)

download Annual report 2001-2002 (PDF, 3.2MB, in Dutch)

download Annual report 2003 (PDF, 305KB, in Dutch)

download Annual report 2004 (PDF, 679KB, in Dutch)

Organizational chart (PDF, 63KB)

Budget (XLS, 18KB)

Division of cleaning tasks PDF, 43KB)

Tasks for spring cleaning (PDF, 41KB)

download Visitation records 1889-2006 (XLS, 49KB)

download Daily visitation records 2005 to 2006 (XLS, 25KB)

download Dwelling Time (PDF, 33KB)

download Special Events (PDF, 48.5KB)

church visitation Historic church visitation (Excel, 124KB)

download General house rules (PDF, 89KB)

download Rules for use of church (PDF, 56KB)

download Carrying capacity assessment (PDF,34KB)

download Carrying capacity of the sael (XLS, 68KB)


Information about the building:

donwload Floor plans (PDF, 2.1MB)

selection for assessment 'Description of area' database (PDF, 664KB)

selection for assessment Database area reference key (XLS, 571KB)

assessment of the tension rod constrcution in the church Report on the tension rods in the church (1988) by Grabowsky & Poort engineering firm (PDF, 217KB)

assessment of the tension rod constrcution in the church Report on the carrying capacity of the galleries (2007) by the engineering firm De Prouw BV (PDF, 1.5MB)

damage to the stone floor in the sael (PDF, 50KB)

damage to the stone floor in the Jaap Leeuwenberg room (PDF, 50KB)


Information about the collection:

selection for assessment Collection catalogue (PDF, 5.5MB)

Selection of objects for the condition assessment (PDF, 33KB)

selection for assessment Agents of deterioration (PDF, 50KB)


Information about the indoor climate:

Box plot of outdoor T and RH (PDF, 118 KB)

download Historic indoor climate in sael and canal room (1901 - 1952) (PDF, 159 KB)

downlaod Box plot indoor T/RH canal room and sael 1901 (PDF, 49 KB)

download Historic indoor climate in sael, canal room and church (1953-1990) (PDF, 137 KB)

download Box plot indoor T/RH in sael, canal room and church (1953) (PDF, 47 KB)

TU/e report (PDF, 8.9 MB)

donwload Climate data in church (XLS, 3.0MB)

donwload Climate data sael (XLS, 1.2MB)

Climate data canal room (XLS, 1.2 MB)

c Outdoor climate data (XLS, 1.1 MB)

donwload Water added and extracted from building (XLS, 63KB)

donwload CO2 data between March 13 and June 2, 2006 (TXT, 590KB)

donwload CO2 data between June 29 and August 18, 2006 (TXT, 355 KB)

donwload Air exchange rate report by TU/e (PDF, 1.1 MB)

donwload Thermal comfort report (PDF, 88KB)



downlaod Museum Our Lord in the Attic, Amsterdam and the Netherlands (PDF, 33KB)

downlaod Preventive conservation (PDF, 62KB)

downlaod Preservation of buildings (PDF, 62KB)

downlaod Preservation of collections (PDF, 42KB)

downlaod Assessments and surveys (of condition, risk, value, etc.) (PDF, 51KB)

downlaod Museum and historic building environmental) (PDF, 58KB)

downlaod Climate change (PDF, 34KB)

downlaod Climate management (PDF, 90KB)

downlaod Climate monitoring (PDF, 48KB)

downlaod Climate simulation (PDF, 43KB)

downlaod Material response (PDF, 59KB)

downlaod Air pollution (PDF, 39KB)

downlaod Visitor impact and management (PDF, 57KB)

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