Our Lord in the Attic: A Case Study



In this case study we use the metric system for temperature, distance, volume and weight. Conversion calculators can be found on the internet.

Absolute humidity (AH) is the quantity of water in a particular volume of air.
Condensation The transition of a substance from the gas or vapor state to the liquid state.
Dew point The exact temperature of a surface upon which water vapor starts to condense from the surrounding warmer atmosphere. It depends upon the absolute moisture content of the atmosphere.
Heat conduction is the transfer of heat through materials.
Heat convection is the transfer of heat through the movement of fluid.
Heat radiation is the transfer of heat through a band of thermal electromagnetic waves.
Psychometric chart Graph with the temperature plotted along the horizontal axis and the absolute humidity (in grams of water vapor per m3) along the vertical axis. It displays curves which connect points of equal relative humidity.
Relative humidity (RH) is the relationship between the quantity of moisture that is present in the air and the maximum quantity of moisture that the air can contain at the same temperature. This relationship is expressed as a percentage.

















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