Marta de la Torre; 2002

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This is the third report on the research on values and economics of cultural heritage, which was started at the Getty Conservation Institute in 1995.The early results of this project highlighted some issues fundamental to the field that were in need of further consideration. Among these were the lack of recognized and widely accepted methodologies for the assessment of cultural values, as well as the difficulties of comparing the results of economic and cultural values assessments.

The research we report in this publication starts to address these issues by focusing on methods of identifying, articulating, and establishing cultural significance. Cultural significance is used here to mean the importance of a site as determined by the aggregate of values attributed to it. The values considered in this process should include those held by experts—the art historians, archaeologists, architects, and others—as well as other values brought forth by new stakeholders or constituents, such as social and economic values. The papers in this report present some tools that have been used in other fields and that hold promise for the tasks at hand.

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De la Torre, Marta, ed. 2002. Assessing the Values of Cultural Heritage: Research Report. Los Angeles, CA: Getty Conservation Institute.