C.A. Price; 1996

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Is research in stone conservation "on the rocks"? This volume, part of the GCI's Research in Conservation series, offers an in-depth critical appraisal of the status of stone conservation research today, identifying areas of strength and weakness in the field as a whole. C. A. Price, a noted British archaeological conservation scientist, discusses recent research on the causes of stone decay, as well as current preventive measures, assessment tools, and treatment durability. He also reviews current research on methods of evaluating the effectiveness of these methodologies and treatments. The book includes a comprehensive survey of the literature, draws from conversations with professionals in the field, and provides recommendations for increasing the effectiveness of research, including the improvement of training, symposia, and research programs and the establishment of conservation policy.

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Price, Clifford A. 1996. Stone Conservation: An Overview of Current Research. Research in Conservation. Santa Monica, CA: Getty Conservation Institute. http://hdl.handle.net/10020/gci_pubs/stone_conservation