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Edited by Thomas Roby and Martha Demas; 2012

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A review of literature on the conservation of mosaics in Situ has been an ongoing activity of the Conservation of Mosaics In Situ project, now under the umbrella of the MOSAIKON Initiative. This literature review brings forth principal practices and trends in mosaic conservation as reflected in published works through 2007.

The literature review, to be published in phases, will include chapters in six subject areas:

  • Inventories and Official Corpora (available)
  • Causes of Deterioration (forthcoming)
  • Conservation Treatments and Maintenance (forthcoming)
  • Protective Shelters for Archaeological Sites (available)
  • Reburial and Protective Covering of Mosaics (available)
  • Training and Awareness (forthcoming)
All chapters establish the current state of knowledge in their respective subject area and identify areas in need of further research. Chapters also include the references or annotated bibliography on which they were based.

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Roby, Thomas, and Martha Demas, eds. 2012. Mosaics in Situ: An Overview of the Literature on Conservation of Mosaics in Situ. Los Angeles, CA: Getty Conservation Institute.