Prepared by Kathryn Welch Howe; 2008

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In 2004, the GCI presented eight research papers to senior city staff representing thirteen municipal departments to help determine the potential value of the survey to their work. Using a best practices model, the research papers addressed survey standards and historic resource criteria, the role of a historic context statement, community engagement, the uses of survey data by public agencies, geographic information systems and databases, the role of incentives, and funding. During this time, the GCI also published Incentives for the Preservation and Rehabilitation of Historic Homes in the City of Los Angeles: A Guide for Homeowners, which summarized the benefits available to owners of the city's historic homes.

This report is largely based on the 2004 research papers mentioned above and reflects further research as well as new initiatives and resources now available to the survey. It describes key elements of the comprehensive survey and how these elements will work together. These include clear survey standards and historic resource criteria, the role of the citywide historic context statement, the importance of centrally managing survey information and integrating it with other municipal property data, and the adoption of appropriate technology and means of communication to ensure effective use by public agencies as well as access to the data by the general public.

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