Edited by Claudia Cancino, Sara Lardinois, Tim Michiels, and Poornima Balakrishnan; 2014

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This bibliography provides a concise guide to publications that help conservation professionals better understand built earthen heritage sites and how they respond to earthquakes, with an emphasis on how to design and implement interventions that promote the preservation of historic earthen buildings and protect the people who use them.

Subject areas covered are limited to earthen buildings in seismic areas, seismic performance, structural analysis, methods of intervention, and conservation efforts in those regions. Selections are generally from English-language texts, however, some Spanish literature is included. Entries include text published in print and in electronic formats.

This publication was compiled as part of the Seismic Retrofitting Project (SRP), which combines traditional construction techniques and materials with advanced methodologies to design and test easy-to-implement seismic retrofitting techniques and maintenance programs to improve the structural performance of earthen historic buildings in Peru and other countries in Latin America.

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