Edited by Miguel Angel Corzo
and Mahasti Afshar; 1993

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This five-year project, a joint venture of the Getty Conservation Institute and the Egyptian Antiquities Organization, brought together scientists and conservators from all over the world to address the problems facing this exceptional site.

This publication includes articles by those who were most intimately involved with its rescue, including conservators Paolo and Laura Mora, who trained and supervised the conservation team. Others contribute articles on the archaeology of the Valley of the Queens, the iconography of the tomb, the original techniques and materials used by the artists, and photographic documentation of the paintings.

Section 1 (96pp., 4.3MB)
Front Matter
    Project Members
    Dynasties of Ancient Egypt
Map of the Theban Necropolis, and the Nefertari Tomb Plan
Color Plates
Map of Egypt
The Valley of the Queens and Royal Children
Iconography of the Nefertari Wall Paintings
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Section 2 (98pp., 4MB)
Original Painting Techniques and Materials Used in the Tomb of Nefertari;
Analyses of Pigments, Binding Media, and Varnishes
The Nefertari Conservation Program
The Color Measurement Program in the Tomb of Nefertari
Photographic Documentation of the Nefertari Wall Paintings
Environmental Monitoring at the Tomb of Nefertari
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Section 3 (123pp., 4.9MB)
Source Materials for the Study of the Nefertari Wall Paintings
    The History, Art and Archaeology of the Nineteenth Dynasty
    Abu Simbel; General History, Art and Archaeology
    Scientific and Paintings Conservation Studies
Author Index
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